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ReGeneration Outreach: Volunteer Opportunity

On June 30th at the Regeneration Outreach Community Centre, there is an opportunity to help cook, prepare and serve breakfast to the homeless in Brampton! The kitchen can hold up to 10 volunteers. If you would like to help out on Saturday, June 30th, 7am - 10am, please RSVP on our facebook page in the link below or on Watsapp! The Regeneration Outreach Community serves the homeless, those at risk of homelessness, and those living in extreme poverty. Breakfast is served seven days a week providing our community with a hot, nutritious meal to start their day right. A hot lunch is served Monday and Wednesday and gives community members a chance to rest and connect with caring outreach staff if they choose. The Regeneration Community Centre also offers many community and support-building opportunities such as Life Skills classes, with topics ranging from culinary arts and community gardening to anger management and social integration. Through programs, courses, and meals, Regeneration Outreach Community seeks to break the cycle of poverty and empower those in need to find wholeness in their lives. For more information about the Regeneration Outreach Community, please visit their website:

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