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Rotary District 7080 Passport Club

Are you unable to participate in a conventional Rotaract or Rotary club because of your schedule or budget? The Passport Club could be your answer!

The Rotary Passport Club is designed to be flexible, affordable and accessible while still providing all that Rotaract and Rotary has to offer. Below lists a few highlights:

  • Full Rotary Membership Rights

  • No Weekly Attendance Requirement, only need to have four “in-person” meetings each year.

  • Low Monthly Cost

  • You pick which projects/fundraisers you want to help. You will get a projects list of all 40 clubs.

  • You can attend any club's meetings as a visiting Rotarian.

District 7080 Rotary Passport Club are members of the community that want to make a difference in a way that fits their time, talent, finances and life commitments. The Passport Club can make Rotary fit your life!

The Rotary Passport Club members are full Rotary members, with the same privileges and rights as Rotarians in traditional clubs. The membership provides you with a “passport” to visit and work with any other Rotary Club and to take part in activities, programs and projects that interest and engage you.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Rotary Passport Club or have questions, come to the info meeting on Wednesday, May 30, 2018. The orientation meeting will take place at Oakville Town Hall Bronte/Palermo Rooms (1225 Trafalgar Rd. Oakville, ON, L6H OH3).

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