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Singfest 2017 Winner Spotlight

Congratulations to the winners of Singfest 2017! Check out our Winner Spotlights to learn more about each of our winners!

Singfest 2017 Winner Ages 13-18


Miranda Lakalamita is 18 years old and a recent graduate from the Regional Arts Program for vocals at St. Elizabeth High School in Thornhill. She has made music the focus of her life since joining the St. Padre Pio choir at the age of 7. Miranda plays the piano, guitar and ukulele. With an eye to expanding her artistic aspirations, she has taken part in musical theatre productions through Stage West and the Mississauga Youth Theatre Group. She enjoys participating in various singing competitions and music festivals, as well as writing her own music.

Singfest 2017 Runner-Up Ages 13-18


Cmagic5 is a singer/songwriter musician & artist who has a great passion for music. She is inclined towards many genres in which she hopes to create new sounds by mixing pop with jazz, rock, or rap. She is trained classically as well. Through bullying she revived herself by composing and handwriting her debut EP “Destiny’s Calling” last year in which she hopes her lyrics and music inspires people. She has so much advice to give out despite her age even though she may not necessarily follow her own good advice. Every day she pushes herself to wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction. That is what gives her the drive to achieve her goals. She tries to work hard each day to make the most out of this one life we have got, by doing what she loves and motivating others to do so as well.

Singfest 2017 Winner Ages 19-26


Kendra Charest-French is singer/ songwriter with accomplishments in singing, dancing and acting on stage for over 10 years. She is a recent graduate of the Regional Arts Program at Cawthra Park Secondary School. She got her start with the Mississauga Youth Theatre Company and was cast at the Stage West Dinner Theatre in two musical productions. At the young age of 19 years old, Kendra has an extensive list of performances including alongside Film and Television Star Andrea Martin at the Children’s Aid Foundation Fundraiser at the Liberty Grand.

Kendra won a spot in the finals of SingFest after being declared the Grand Prize Winner of “Teens Got Talent” at this year’s Bread & Honey Festival.

Singfest 2017 Runner-Up Ages 19-26


20- year old Nicole Garbanzos from Mississauga has been singing and performing for fifteen years at the age of six. She first started singing at her school choir for seven years, then participated in her first contest at ten years old to sing for a soundtrack to a movie. She won her first competition, National Star, at the age of eleven where she had to compete with other contestants from different cities and towns across Ontario.

She spent her four years of highschool at the Performing Arts program at Iona Catholic Secondary School majoring in the vocals program. In highschool, she learned how to sing in five different languages such as French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Tagalog. She can also sing in various types of musical genres such as pop, soul, blues, jazz, musical theatre, and classical. She plays acoustic guitar and the piano. She has also composed a piano piece and has written her own songs. She can sing in four to five part harmony as her vocal ability ranges from an alto and a mezzo soprano range.

She has performed at the Canadian National Exhibition Place, Nathan Philipps Square, The Rogers Centre, CBC Studios, Ryerson University, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Oasis Convention Centre, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Humber College, Sheridan College, Mississauga Celebration Square, Maja Prentice Theatre, Living Arts Centre, Ytv, Omni Tv, and Rogers Tv.

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