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Credit River Salmon Run - Rescheduled Oct 11, 2017

October is RCM's Wildlife Conservation Month! To encourage wildlife conservation our next general meeting will be held at the Credit River to watch the Salmon Run.

Chinook Salmon from Lake Ontario make the long trek up the Credit River to spawn for the next generation. The salmon are approx 4 years old, on average 25 lbs and 3 ft long. It is a long and intense swim for these fish, which makes it a spectacular sight to see. Come join us on October 4, 2017 at 1695 Dundas St, in Erindale Park to watch the Salmon run and learn new fun facts about the Credit River and Salmon.

*IMPORTANT* Due to inclement weather, the Salmon Run visit will be postponed until October 11, 2017. The General Meeting for Oct 4 will be postponed until this date as well. Please contact if you would like to obtain any additional information.

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